Heritage Rebuild – Completion Phase 2003

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Waverley was extensively rebuilt during 2000 and 2003 with the aim of restoring her original 1947 appearance whilst complying with all relevant modern marine safety legislation.

The first phase is covered in detail here whilst this and subsequent pages tell the story of the second, or Completion Phase of the rebuild through approximately 300 photographs.

The rebuild of Waverley is not really about replacing old with new. The project is driven by a regime of conservation, not renewal.

Iain McMillan, Project Director Waverley Excursions Ltd
Chief Photographer and Project Manager Gordon Reid stands beneath Waverley’s paddle wheels.

Whilst the first phase concentrated on the mid and aft areas of the ship, the Completion Phase focused on the bow, including the installation of a bow rudder and all work deferred from Phase 1.

On 17th May 2002, the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) announced their approval of grant to enable the Completion Phase of the Heritage Rebuild to go ahead. Partnership funding also came from Glasgow City Council and the Paddle Steamer Preservation Society.

In October 2002 the contract was awarded to George Prior Engineering Ltd of Great Yarmouth, the yard where the first phase of the rebuild was carried out during 2000.

Waverley steamed from Bristol to Great Yarmouth later the same month, returning to the Clyde eight months later in June 2003.

Waverley on a barge, part way through the Completion Phase of the Heritage Rebuild.|Guy Frankham

Whilst the quality of the contemporary digital images is variable their value in telling the story of Waverley is priceless.