Waverley Steams to Great Yarmouth

Supporting the preservation and operation of paddle steamers Waverley and Kingswear Castle

Following the decision to award the contract for the Completion Phase of the Heritage Rebuild to George Prior’s at Great Yarmouth, where the first phase was carried out in 2000, the race was on to get to the shipyard before the Autumn storms set in. Waverley managed to beat the bad weather, although there was a gale warning for Sea Area Thames on the morning of 14th October, and reached Great Yarmouth safely. Although she had been due to steam to the Norfolk port with passengers as a “Mystery Cruise” to end her season, the weather closed in and ruled out this possibility.

In the event, she was able to sail from Tilbury Landing Stage at 18.00 on 14th October and arrived at Great Yarmouth about six hours later. Her crew then had the arduous task of de-storing the ship to transfer the food, drink and souvenirs across the country to Bristol. Here they were loaded on to MV Balmoral, which was now to give the short October season of Bristol Channel cruises. (The publicity for these cruises had stated they would be given “by PS Waverley or other vessel.”)