Gordon Reid Enters Low Pressure Bore

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Waverley’s main steam regulating valve out for inspection and flange face machining on the engine block.
The condenser opened up for inspection. Note the plugged tubes. Sea water flows along the tubes towards the camera in the lower half of the condenser and returns along the upper half tubes to the far end where it exits and is pumped overboard. All 922 off 3⁄4 inch by 18 SWG tubes, ferrules, nuts and packing are to be replaced, the tube material is ally-brass.
The photographer is seen inside the low pressure cylinder. New piston rings are to be cast and machined and George Prior Engineering are investigating the possibility of in-situ’ machining of the cylinder bore.
The foc’s’le stripped out and hawse pipe removed.
Reverse view showing the fo’c’sle looking aft. Some steel bulkheads still remain but will be replaced in due course.
Looking aft in the lounge towards the boiler room bulkhead. All timber decking now completely removed. The hull and frames in the lower compartments are being needle gunned to remove thick layers of bitumen in preparation for shot blasting when on the barge.
Reverse view of previous photograph.

All photographs by Gordon Reid.