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Supporting the preservation and operation of paddle steamers Waverley and Kingswear Castle

Autumn 1993

Kingswear Castle report | Facelift for the Maid | Diamond Jubilee | And 50 years ago…

Spring 1989

Record number of teddy bears sail on Balmoral | Wingfield Castle progress | Lincoln Castle opens in Grimsby | Queen Mary | A new Commodore Club ticket | Branch news | And 50 years ago…

Spring 1988

Vintage bus to vintage steamer | Medway Queen on the move | Princess Elizabeth for Paris | Queen Mary dry docked at Chatham | Eileen Pritchard – PSPS member No. 1 | Our Society by another name | And 50 years ago…

Autumn 1961

Whit Monday excursion | Dart visit | News from the Clyde | London & Home Counties Branch | Paddle Tug John H Amos | Torbay steamers

Viewing Queen Mary Cruise – Friday 28th June – Advance Notice

Unfortunately we are unable to offer a charter this Friday evening to view Queen Mary heading upriver to Glasgow.

Happy 85th Anniversary to Queen Mary

Congratulations to Queen Mary on the 85th anniversary of her launch.