Viewing Queen Mary Cruise – Friday 28th June – Advance Notice

Supporting the preservation and operation of paddle steamers Waverley and Kingswear Castle

Viewing Queen Mary Cruise – Friday 28th June – Advance Notice

We are sorry to confirm that unfortunately we are unable to offer a charter this Friday evening to view Queen Mary heading upriver to Glasgow.

The exact timings for Queen Mary’s tow to Glasgow have yet to be confirmed and logistics prevent a charter being possible.

Thank you to all who took an interest. Further details of Queen Mary’s trip back to Glasgow will be posted on the Friends of Queen Mary Facebook page in due course.


Friends of TS Queen Mary and the Paddle Steamer Preservation Society, in support of PS Waverley, are actively investigating a joint charter of MV Clyde Clipper on Friday 28th June to view Queen Mary as she makes her way up river to Glasgow following her dry docking at Greenock.

This post gives advance information only and a further update will be provided on Tuesday evening (25th June) to confirm if the charter can proceed subject to final works on Queen Mary being completed and confirmation of the availability of MV Clyde Clipper.

For information only at this stage:

  • Tickets will go on sale on Tuesday evening (25th June) if the charter can take place.
  • MV Clyde Clipper will depart Glasgow 6pm on Friday 28th June, returning at approximately 9pm.
  • Tickets £30 each purchased in advance.
  • MV Clyde Clipper will cruise downriver to meet Queen Mary around Dumbarton and then cruise with her giving exceptionally rare photo opportunities to view Queen Mary under tow.
  • Proceeds from the charter will be split with Queen Mary and Waverley’s Boiler Refit Appeal.
  • Merchandise will be on sale for both Queen Mary and Waverley.


Queen Mary heads downriver to Greenock on 6th June 2019 – her first journey down the Clyde since 1977.

Queen Mary passing Clydebank on 6th June 2019. Following her recent dry docking her upper works have been completely stripped and repainted.