Happy 85th Anniversary to Queen Mary

Supporting the preservation and operation of paddle steamers Waverley and Kingswear Castle

Happy 85th Anniversary to Queen Mary

Turbine Steamer Queen Mary was launched on Thursday 30th March 1933 and is therefore celebrating her 85th anniversary in 2018. She was built by William Denny & Brothers Dumbarton and entered service in May 1933 having achieved just short of 19.7 knots on trials. She was built as a two class ship and could accommodate over 2,000 passengers making her the largest excursion turbine steamer on the Clyde.

During the first three seasons of Waverley’s preservation (1975-1977) Queen Mary would regularly meet Waverley at various locations around the Clyde as both steamers operated their respective rosters. On some occasions the timetables were such that passengers could sail on both vessels in the same day and certain sailings were advertised as such.

Waverley and Queen Mary in Glasgow on 8th August 1976. Murray Paterson

A picture taken from Waverley’s port paddlebox in June 1977 with Queen Mary immediately astern and Glen Sannox in view further upriver. Murray Paterson

Having been away from the Clyde since 1981 Queen Mary returned to Scotland in May 2016 and was towed upriver to Glasgow in November 2016. She has been berthed at the Glasgow Science Centre adjacent to Waverley ever since. It is expected that she will become a permanent attraction in Glasgow and work continues to prepare her for her new role.

Happy 85th Queen Mary!

An impression of a refurbished Queen Mary berthed in Glasgow upriver of Waverley. Friends of TS Queen Mary