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Supporting the preservation and operation of paddle steamers Waverley and Kingswear Castle

Spring 1965

Consul moves again | Portsmouth paddlers | River Dart Steamboat Co. | Clyde notes | Queensferry passage ferries | London & Home Counties Branch

Autumn 1964

Round the Isle of Wight | Medway Queen | River Dart Steamboat Company | The road to the Isle, 1964 | Scottish notes | Weymouth notes | Portsmouth paddlers

Spring 1964

From the Chairman | Alumchine in retrospect | Portsmouth paddlers | River Dart Steamboat Co. Ltd. | Scottish notes

Winter 1963

Farewell Medway Queen | Save the Medway Queen appeal | Clyde paddle steamers | Consul returns to the Thames | White Funnel news

Winter 1962

Exhibition on Southend Pier | PS Ryde | Princess Elizabeth | Medway Queen’s poor season | White Funnel season | Scottish notes

Autumn 1962

Visit to Medway Queen | Portsmouth paddlers | PS Swanage Queen | Clyde steamers | River Dart steamers

Autumn 1961

Whit Monday excursion | Dart visit | News from the Clyde | London & Home Counties Branch | Paddle Tug John H Amos | Torbay steamers

Spring 1961

Steadily increasing membership | Bristol Branch formed | Caledonia still in commission | Campbell fleet now three | Medway Queen’s season | Monarch to be scrapped

PS Medway Queen Open Day

On Saturday 26th April an open day was held in celebration of the Medway Queen’s 90th birthday. Martin Longhurst has shared some some interesting photographs of this event.

Paddlers on TV

Medway Queen has now arrived safely on the River Medway following her departure from Avonmouth.

Medway Queen Back on the Medway

Medway Queen has arrived safely back on on the River Medway. With a weather forecast for three or four days of light mainly northerly winds, she left Avonmouth under tow of the tug Christine on Friday 15th November, arriving on the Medway on 18th. On 19th she was moved alongside Gillingham Pier, where restoration work…
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Medway Queen Departs Avonmouth

On Friday 15th November Medway Queen departed Avonmouth docks to continue her journey under tow to the Medway after waiting for a suitable weather window. Chris Jones recorded the departure above and further photographs can be seen at http://www.channelimages.com. Since leaving Avonmouth progress has been excellent with the ship making way along the English Channel…
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Medway Queen Leaves Bristol

On Thursday 31st October Medway Queen was towed out of the Albion Dock, through the floating harbour and down the River Avon to Avonmouth. She will wait there until there is a suitable weather window, to allow the tow proper to commence. October/November is not a good time for a decent weather window, as the…
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