Spring 1964

Supporting the preservation and operation of paddle steamers Waverley and Kingswear Castle

Spring 1964

From the Chairman – A great deal of work has been done by the Medway Queen Trust in their efforts to save the Medway Queen. Action, Initially by the Society and subsequently by the Medway Queen Trust has so far prevented the vessel being sent to the ship breakers. Numerous possibilities have been examined. The Medway Queen was moved by tugs to Nelson Dock, Rotherhithe, under the command of Captain Horsham to undergo a survey which will determine her fate.

Alumchine in retrospect – What a brave start the Alumchine project made at the close of 1962. Alas! The AGM decided by a reluctant majority that the cost of putting in order and of towage on top of even the reduced price was beyond the means of the Society – what really lost the day was the Chairman’s revelation of the poor response from members.

Portsmouth paddlersSandown has been the reserve ship for most of the winter, during which time there has always been one diesel vessel absent at Southampton. She came into service on January 9th, going back into reserve on the 11th. This was due to the need for Brading’s decks to be recaulked.

Caledonia in Kyles of Bute, May 1961.|M D Warren

River Dart Steamboat Co. Ltd.Totnes Castle was disposed of at the end of last year and will be kept on the Dart as a combined floating hotel and sailing school by her new owners. When Kingswear Castle was reboilered In 1961/2 she was also replated under the engine room and boiler. Members will be glad to know that she will be running for some years to come.

Scottish notesCaledonia made newspaper headlines in November when, on one of her Sunday sailings to Millport, a north east gale prevented her making the return sailing. She was able to leave next morning but had not gone far when her port paddle wheel struck an obstruction, disabling her. In the still stormy conditions she had to drop both anchors. The motor launch Leven took off some of the 163 passengers and the Glen Sannox took the steamer in tow to the lee of the Wee Cumbrae until towed up-river to Gourock later in the day. Kirn pier closed at the end of December. Since 1946 ten Clyde piers have been closed. This leaves 27 Clyde piers open for calls in 1964.