Autumn 1964

Supporting the preservation and operation of paddle steamers Waverley and Kingswear Castle

Autumn 1964

PS Embassy.|”Evening Echo”, Bournemouth

Round the Isle of Wight – “Isle of Wight Steamer Fully Booked” was chalked up boldly at the entrance to Bournemouth Pier on the occasion of the Society’s charter cruise of the Embassy. The initiative of PSPS in resuscitating the trip round the island proved fully justified. The charter was advertised as the first trip by paddle steamer round the island from Bournemouth for six years and Embassy was dressed overall for the occasion.

Medway Queen – The veteran paddle steamer Medway Queen, known to millions of holidaymakers and to the thousands of servicemen whom she rescued at Dunkirk, will not be broken up. The news was given by Fortes a statement said: “We have been working with the Paddle Steamer Preservation Society and the National Trust to save the Medway Queen. This has now been achieved and we are seeking the most appropriate way to preserve the vessel” (The Guardian 14th August 1964). The Medway Queen has now been purchased on behalf of the Medway Queen Trust at a reduced price. The Society can congratulate itself on having instigated the preservation of it’s vessel. (PSPS Chairman)

River Dart Steamboat CompanyKingswear Castle is in service with the two new “C” class motor vessels and is the third essential “Big Boat” in the timetable. As the vessels are not specified, any member wishing to travel should ring the office at Dartmouth and they will be advised of the best way to join her for a trip. Totnes Castle is now permanently moored by the Higher Ferry. Compton Castle has left the Dart and is to be used as a floating museum at Kingsbridge.

Handbill for Isles of Scilly.

The road to the Isle, 1964 – The trip to the Isle of Scilly was made in reasonably fine weather with just enough sea to please enthusiasts. Bristol Queen, looking very smart, was running well and Campbell’s Managing Director was well in evidence seeing us off at Weston and awaiting us at Penzance. But the best part of the week-end cruise was the homeward trip. The ship had been running so well, despite boisterous weather, that we were ahead of the time. We were taken fairly close in-shore off Clovelly but speed had to be further reduced off llfracombe – waiting until there was sufficient water for us to berth on the harbour side of the pier. At Weston a large contingent of us came ashore, to remain awhile on top of the jetty while Captain George eased the big paddler away and shaped a course for Penarth.

Scottish notesWaverley was on the all-day sailings out of Craigendoran and 4th and 5th June saw her covering for the Duchess of Montrose by taking the first sailing to Ayr Harbour via Brodick from Gourock.

Weymouth notes – Both Princess Elizabeth and Consul have been carrying good loads during the recent fine weather.

Portsmouth paddlers – Both have been running well, with Ryde again the speediest of the two vessels although discharge from her funnel has increased.