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Supporting the preservation and operation of paddle steamers Waverley and Kingswear Castle

19th July 1971 Maid of the Loch

Maid of the Loch makes two circuits of Loch Lomond.

27th May 1963 Maid of the Loch

First day of the season for Maid of the Loch.

26th May 1953 Maid of the Loch

Second day of the season for the newly built Maid of the Loch.

22nd May 1953 Maid of the Loch

Maid of the Loch runs inaugural cruise for invited guests.

4th May 1953 Maid of the Loch

Maid of the Loch runs trials.

Spring 1996

25 Years Ago… Trust are the Maid’s New Owners |The National Maritime Museum, Greenwich Paddle Steamers Course|The End of an Era? – DDSG diesel paddlers

Take a Virtual Cruise on the Maid!

Support the Maid of the Loch by taking a virtual cruise of the full length of Loch Lomond.

Scottish Branch Contribute to Maid’s Dining Saloon

The PSPS Scottish Branch has made a £2,000 contribution towards the cost of refurbishing Maid of the Loch’s forward dining saloon.

Spring 1995

Kingswear Castle | Scottish Branch silver jubilee | We have “Maid” progress! | And 50 years ago… | Plus 80 years ago… Paddling down the Thames

Autumn 1993

Kingswear Castle report | Facelift for the Maid | Diamond Jubilee | And 50 years ago…

Summer 1993

The Maid at 40 | Our ships call again at Weston & Cardiff | First call at Otter Ferry since 1914 | And 50 years ago…

Autumn 1992

Mid-season reflections | Ryde report | Maid of the Loch | KC report | And 50 years ago…

Summer 1992

£300,000 must be raised by 1995 to keep Waverley and Kingswear Castle sailing | New looks for Waverley and Balmoral | Maid of the Loch’s future again in doubt | Roddy McIsaac – Bosun, Waverley | KC report | And 50 years ago…

Winter 1989

Bristol Channel highlights | South East | Up-river exploration | Restoration plan for Maid of the Loch | Memorable celebration | A Vice President’s notebook | And 50 years ago…

Summer 1986

Steam heritage award for Kingswear Castle | Birth of the ‘new’ Balmoral | Waverley diary | Will Maid of the Loch’s engine turn again? | 40 years to the day at Bristol | Paddle steamers of North America

Winter 1982

Our most remarkable members | Waverley’s busiest year | Maid of the Loch | Medway Queen moved to fresh mooring | Kingswear Castle

Summer 1982

Manxman weekend | Maid of the Loch sold | Kingswear Castle report | Waverley gets 5-year certificate | Hjejlen sails into her 122nd year | Goethe is Rhine’s lone 1982 paddler

Spring 1982

Maid of the Loch’s future in doubt | Surviving the winter | Kingswear Castle report | Finland’s lakes

Winter 1981

Momentous twelve months | Scottish Branch news | Tattershall Castle moved to Kent | Faithful withdrawn | White Swan completes 125 years

Summer 1981

Bristol Channel news | Maid of the Loch sails on | Prince Ivanhoe | Waverley – New boiler installed | Kingswear Castle back in the water

Spring 1981

New boiler project is up to schedule | Prince Ivanhoe sails north | Bristol Channel cruises under the Waverley banner | Kingswear Castle progress report | North of the Border

Winter 1980

PSPS celebrates coming of age | Shanklin joins the fleet | Maid of the Loch hits the headlines | Kingswear Castle | Caledonia’s untimely end | John H Amos

Spring 1980

Society news | Chairmanship | Kingswear Castle | Waverley | Maid of the Loch | Queen Mary | Steamer bookshelf

Autumn 1979

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Autumn 1978

Society news | Kingswear Castle report | Irvine: Another notable first | Royal Route retraced on June 24th | Paddling from the pulpit

Spring 1976

£45,000 appeal is launched | Kingswear Castle report | Tattershall Castle’s new Thames role | Loch Lomond

Summer 1974

Cash boost for Waverley | Kingswear Castle | At Rochester | South Coast | Humber | Afloat with PSPS

Autumn 1973

Paddling to Goole | Joint Thames charter | Maid of the Loch | Paddler to steam after six years | Gallant band’s work

Autumn 1971

Historic views from the Isle of Wight | Taming of the Loch Lomond monster for a day | A ship fit for a Queen | Waverley | MacBraynes TS King George V (1926) | Blackheath centenary

Summer 1971

PSPS paddlers for 1971 | Scottish notes | SS Shieldhall | Woody Bay Pier