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Maid of the Loch – In Steam

The aroma of steam and hot oil is once again to be savoured by all who go aboard the last paddle steamer built in Scotland.

£1 Million Funding for Maid of the Loch

The Scottish Government has confirmed £950,000 support for Maid of the Loch restoration.

PSPS Supports Maid of the Loch

A statement from Paul Semple, PSPS National Chairman, on Maid of the Loch.

Heritage Lottery Fund Turn Down Maid of the Loch

A statement from John Beveridge, Chairman of Loch Lomond Steamship Company, in response to the the Heritage Lottery Fund’s decision not to grant funds to the Maid of the Loch.

Maid of the Loch – Open for Summer 2018

Maid of the Loch and the excellent on-board tearoom is now open everyday from April to October.

PSPS to Support Maid of the Loch’s Return to Steam

PSPS pledges £50,000 to Maid of the Loch to help return the Paddle Steamer to service on Loch Lomond.

Full Steam Ahead for Loch Lomond’s Maid of the Loch

The Heritage Lottery Fund announced that they are supporting the £5.5 million project to restore Maid of the Loch, Loch Lomond’s Paddle Steamer, to steam operation once more.

PS Maid of the Loch Opens For Easter

PS Maid of the Loch re-opens after the winter in time for Easter. The Maid will be open from Saturday 12th April every day until 27th April, 11am to 5pm, admission free.

Voyage of the Maid DVD

Voyage of the Maid is a new DVD which tells the story of Loch Lomond’s last paddle steamer, Maid of the Loch. The DVD has been produced to help raise funds for the appeal to get the Maid back in steam and sailing on Loch Lomond one again. The appeal, launched just nine months ago,…
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Maid of the Loch Appeal Launched

The Maid to the Loch was first lowered into the waters of Loch Lomond on 5th March 1953 having been built at the Pointhouse yard of A & J Inglis Glasgow. It was yesterday (5th March 2013) that a public appeal for funds to return the Maid to service on Loch Lomond was launched. The appeal for £4.9M to restore…
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A Dressed Maid

The following picture of Maid of the Loch was taken by John Beveridge on Saturday (23rd September). The Maid is proudly dressed with signal flags, name pennant, flag staff at the bow and an ensign. The flags were provided by the Scottish Branch in time for the Jubilee in June this year. John adds that…
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New Masts for a Maid

After period of over a quarter of a century the statically-preserved paddle steamer Maid of the Loch has had her original profile restored with the addition of two new masts. As built in 1953 the ship had two full masts as was typical on the latter paddle steamers sailing on the nearby Firth of Clyde.…
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