4th May 1953 Maid of the Loch

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4th May 1953 Maid of the Loch

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On Monday 4th May 1953 Maid of the Loch ran trials on Loch Lomond under the command of Captain Donald MacDonald.

Ordered from the Clyde shipyard of A & J Inglis she was shipped to Balloch in bits by rail and reassembled on the slipway during 1952 and on into the spring of 1953. She was launched on Thursday 5th March with fitting out continuing alongside the Balloch Pier. At 193ft in length and with a tonnage of 555GRT she was a big paddle steamer and particularly big for the loch being more than twice the tonnage of the Princess May which she was designed to replace.

Princess May, Prince Edward and Maid of the Loch at Balloch, May 1953.

Princess May was scrapped on the slipway at Balloch shortly afterwards with Prince Edward retained to run alongside the Maid for two more years before being withdrawn at the end of the 1954 season after which she too was scrapped.

Maid of the Loch engine.

The trials were successful with the Maid notching up almost 14 knots where her service speed was planned to be just 12 knots. In the following couple of weeks work continued getting her ready for her inaugural cruise with passengers on the Loch on Friday 22nd May.