Author: John Megoran

Supporting the preservation and operation of paddle steamers Waverley and Kingswear Castle

Gallia December 1912

Take a look at the December Pictures of the Month about the Lake Lucerne paddle steamer Gallia on the KC website:

29th October 2018 Stadt Luzern

On Monday 29th October Stadt Luzern’s outgoing Captain Kuno Stein and her new master Roger Maurer spent the day clearing the ship’s bridge and office.

13th September 1963 Consul

Paddle Steamer Consul arrived on the Thames on 14th September 1963 but things didn’t quite go to plan.

23rd November 1971 Caledonia

Caledonia sold to Bass Charrington for a new static career on the Thames.

23rd November 1937 Corfe Castle

In November 1937 Red Funnel’s Mauretania ex Queen renamed Corfe Castle.

Swiss Paddle Steamers 2021

How has the season been for the Swiss paddle steamers?

30th October 1957 Bournemouth Queen

Bournemouth Echo expands on its announcement the previous day that Bournemouth Queen was to be withdrawn.

3rd October 1997 Waverley

Waverley sails from Tilbury to Chatham.

Glen Gower 1954

What was Glen Gower doing during the summer of 1954?

A Week in the Life of Monarch 1960

What was Monarch doing during a week in August 1960?

15th September 1960 Princess Elizabeth

Princess Elizabeth’s last trip of the season from Torquay to Lyme Regis on 15th September 1960.

10th September 1960 PSPS Charter Consul

The first ever PSPS Charter.

Day Trips from Bournemouth 1953

What sort of day trips were offered by the paddle steamers running from Bournemouth in the summer of 1953?

Manning La Suisse

How are the Swiss paddle steamers manned and what is the route to becoming a captain?

Sandown, Shanklin & Ventnor to Bournemouth

Excursions from the east coast piers of the Isle of Wight to Bournemouth.

19th August 1926 Columba to Ardrishaig

On Thursday 19th August 1926 Columba was scheduled to leave Glasgow on the “Royal Route” for Rothesay, Colintraive, Tighnabruaich, Tarbet and Ardrishaig.

A Week in the Life of Consul 1960

What was Consul up to during a week in August 1960?

13th August 1952 Cardiff Queen

Cardiff Queen scheduled to run from Hastings, Eastbourne and Brighton to Shanklin, Isle of Wight.

A Week in the Life of La Duchesse de Normandie 1966

Although not propelled by paddle wheels I tend to think of La Duchesse de Normandie as an honorary paddle steamer.

11th August 1930 Snowdon

Snowden scheduled for a day trip from Llandudno to Caernarvon on Monday 11th August 1930.

10th August 1960 Monarch

Monarch rostered for the day on the Swanage service followed by an evening run to Totland Bay, Isle of Wight.

9th August 1965 Waverley

Waverley aground at Ardrossan.

8th August 1955 Cardiff Queen

Super long day trip to Milford Haven.

8th August 1952 Victoria

Victoria scheduled to run from Weymouth to Swanage and Totland Bay, Isle of Wight.

7th August 1963 Embassy

On Wednesday 7th August 1963 Embassy ran a day trip from Poole via Bournemouth to Yarmouth and Cowes, Isle of Wight.

A Week in the Life of Balmoral 1976

What was Balmoral up to during a week in August 1976?

6th August 1914 Majestic

Majestic sails to Portland to view the 5th Battle Squadron.

A Week in the Life of Balmoral 1966

What was Balmoral up to during a week in 1966?

5th August 1963 Consul

Consul scheduled to run trips from Brighton’s Palace Pier.

A Week in the Life of Balmoral 1956

What was Balmoral up to during a week in 1956?