30th March 1949 Duchess of Cornwall

Supporting the preservation and operation of paddle steamers Waverley and Kingswear Castle

30th March 1949 Duchess of Cornwall

The operational career of Red Funnel’s Duchess of Cornwall finished at the end of March 1949.

She had been built in 1896 by Barclay Curle on the Clyde as Duchess of York for what became Red Funnel for excursions, tender work and the Southampton/Cowes ferry service on which she spent much of her career.

Duchess of Cornwall, July 1945.

To her fell the honour of restarting excursions from Southampton after the Second World War when in July 1945 she took a party of happy trippers to Ryde. However as other members of the fleet were reconditioned after the war she lost her place as a passenger carrying ship and from 1946 took on a cargo role on the Cowes ferry which she shared with Lord Elgin.

Norris Castle in Southampton Water.

Her nemesis was the arrival on the scene of the former tank landing craft LCT828 which Red Funnel bought in March 1947 and converted for use as a drive on ferry on the Cowes route under the name Norris Castle coupled with the addition to the fleet of the newly built Balmoral.

After the arrival of the Norris Castle, the Duchess of Cornwall was retained on the cargo service for the 1948 season whilst this new fangled concept bedded in but she made her last sailings for the company at the end of March 1949 and that was that. She was scrapped at Northam, a suburb of Southampton in December.