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Supporting the preservation and operation of paddle steamers Waverley and Kingswear Castle

21st June 1949 Emperor of India

Emperor of India scheduled for a two hour trip from Weymouth to view HMS Anson leaving Portland with Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh aboard.

12th May 1949 Consul

Consul was the last of Cosens’s paddle steamers to be returned to service after the Second World War.

18th April 1949 Bournemouth Queen

Bournemouth Queen at Bournemouth for a few Easter sailings.

30th March 1949 Duchess of Cornwall

Duchess of Cornwall’s operational career comes to an end.

26th February 1949 Lucy Ashton

Lucy Ashton was now laid up with the boiler blown down in Bowling Harbour.

19th December 1949 Duchess of Cornwall

Duchess of Cornwall arrives in Pollock Brown’s scrapyard at Northam, a suburb of Southampton, on the River Itchen.

8th December 1949 Embassy

Why was Embassy in steam in December 1949?

17th October 1949 Glen Usk

Last day of the season for Glen Usk.

3rd September 1949 Ravenswood

Crew trouble aboard Ravenswood and other vessels.