Winston Megoran Remembered

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Winston Megoran Remembered

Former PSPS member the late Winston Megoran is remembered for his work as a marine artist and prolific illustrator of books and magazines in the December edition of the magazine Classic Boat.

Winston Megoran (extreme left) aboard Embassy with a group from PSPS accepting Monarch’s bell as a gift from Cosens March 1961. Others in the group left to right are: R E West, Sidney Davis (Company Secretary of Cosens), ?, Charles Kaile, Capt Thomas (Chairman of the Wessex Branch), Mrs Stephanie McGurk (daughter of Capt Thomas), Peter Ellis, Mike Hodges, Victor Gray and Russell Horwood.

Winston Megoran joined the PSPS in September 1960 as member number 62 and remained with the society until his untimely death at the age of 57 in 1971. During this period he made donations to the society, attended meetings, lobbied on behalf of, and sailed aboard, paddle steamers extensively and was one of the group which accepted the bell of Monarch which Cosens donated to the Society in 1961.

Three of the very many book jacket illustrations by Winston Megoran.

Winston Megoran was not in any way Bohemian in his lifestyle. He lived quietly to paint and was never happier than when he had several projects on the go at the same time.

Painting by Winston Megoran on the front cover of The Trident in June 1945.

Distinguished author, editor and yachtsman the late Maurice Griffiths said of him “He was a modest and retiring man. His lively and lifelike illustrations were one of the outstanding features which made Yachting Monthly a cut above the other magazines both before and after the Hitler war. He had such an uncanny flair for representing a yacht, a boat, a ship or other sea or landscape.”

Winston Megoran (left) aged 15 aboard the paddle steamer Bilsdale at Scarborough with his parents Edwin and Edith and his little sister Mary 1928.

The article in Classic Boat spreads over eight pages and hosts a feast of pictures by Winston Megoran. For me it is such a pleasure to find that Dad, the man who fostered in me such a great love of paddle steamers. is still remembered today almost half a century after he died.