Waverley’s New Boilers Take Shape

Supporting the preservation and operation of paddle steamers Waverley and Kingswear Castle

Waverley’s New Boilers Take Shape

A progress update from WEL:

The order for Waverley’s new boilers was placed in July and after an extensive design phase both boilers are now being constructed at Cochran’s workshop in Annan. Our operations director visited Cochran’s recently to observe progress. He was impressed by the quality assurance processes in place and the high standard of work being carried out.

Each boiler is constructed from a shell which rolled and then welded to create a cylinder.

One of the new boiler shells after being rolled and welded. Note the name ‘Waverley’ stencilled in white paint.WEL

A furnace is positioned in the lower section of the boiler shell where the fuel (marine gas oil) is ignited and burned. Each boiler has one furnace, and this is constructed in six sections.

The furnace for one of Waverley’s new boilers. WEL

During the boiler refit, three new electric generators will be installed in the boiler room and progress on these is ahead of schedule. All three are now built, tested and ready for dispatch.