Waverley Enters Dry Dock

Supporting the preservation and operation of paddle steamers Waverley and Kingswear Castle

Waverley Enters Dry Dock

Waverley’s annual visit to dry-dock is a sure sign that a new sailing season is nearly upon us.

The pictures below capture Waverley’s journey down the River Clyde on Friday 12th April 2019 from her winter berth in Glasgow to James Watt Dock, Greenock. She was towed dead ship, as planned, by Clyde Marine tugs Battler and Biter as ongoing refit work on Waverley’s boilers prevented movement under her own power.

At around 8am on Monday morning 15th April, under the watchful eyes of Master David Howie, she entered Dales Marine Services’s Garvel Dry-Dock.

Canting at Renfrew.AH

The entourage approaching the Erskine Bridge.Jim Cumming‎

Passing the Perch Light at Port Glasgow. Clyde Marine’s tug Battler leads the way with Biter off the stern.Alastair Morris‎

Just Waverley.Alastair Morris‎

Approaching Greenock.Paul Russell‎

Greenock. Swinging Waverley 90 degrees to port towards James Watt Dock.Alastair Morris‎

Lined up, on finals.James McConway‎

Approaching James Watt Dock with the landmark Titan cantilever crane built in 1917 by Sir William Arrol & Co.Alastair Morris‎

Mind that paddlebox! Calmac’s diesel-electric hybrid ferry Lochinvar is to the left.Alastair Morris‎

Breathe in!Alastair Morris‎

At she’s through in to the James Watt Dock basin. Chuck McGroarty

Waverley moored at the Dales Marine berth from Friday night until Monday morning.William Murdoch

At around 8am Monday 15th April, Battler and Biter maneuvered Waverley the short distance from James Watt Dock round to the dry-dock.Kenny Whyte

High and dry on the blocks.Hector Mackechnie


Four Days Later

Four days later on 19th April 2019 Waverley glows in the evening sun as she rests in dry-dock.PSPS

Thank you to all those mentioned above for their kind permission to reproduce their photographs.