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5th July 1961 Swanage Queen

Swanage Queen cancels her afternoon cruises.

26th June 1961 Medway Queen

Monday 26th June 1961 Medway Queen scheduled to run from Strood to Southend and Herne Bay.

Sunday 21st May 1961 Consul

Consul’s first weekend in service from Weymouth in the 1961 season.

19th May 1961 Princess Elizabeth

Princess Elizabeth goes compass correcting.

18th May 1961 Princess Elizabeth

Princess Elizabeth positioned from Plymouth following her dry-docking in readiness to start her season at Torquay.

29th April 1961 Medway Queen

London & Home Counties Branch visit Medway Queen at Strood.

20th April 1961 Princess Elizabeth

Princess Elizabeth sails from Dartmouth to Plymouth for her annual dry-docking 20th April 1961.

10th April 1961 Monarch

Monarch in the process of demolition in the scrapyard at Cork.

6th April 1961 Jupiter

Jupiter leaves the Clyde under tow for the scrapyard in Dublin.

20th March 1961 Monarch

Dorset Echo reports progress on the demolition of Monarch in the scrapyard in Cork.

8th March 1961 Monarch’s Bell

The first Monarch’s bell presented to the PSPS.

1st March 1961 Monarch

Monarch at last leaves Weymouth for the scrapyard in Cork.

6th February 1961 Monarch

Monarch’s tug Salvonia leaves Weymouth without her.

31st January 1961 Monarch

Monarch towed from her berth in the Weymouth Backwater and down the harbour to the Pleasure Pier to await the sea-going tug to tow her to the scrapyard in Ireland.

26th January 1961 Monarch

Bournemouth Echo announces Monarch has been sold and the efforts of the PSPS to save her.

21st January 1961 Monarch

The newly formed PSPS swings into action to save Monarch.

21st November 1961 Alumchine

Alumchine break-in.

19th October 1961 Glen Usk

Glen Usk shifts ship from Penarth to Cardiff.

11th October 1961 Lyme Regis Council

On 11th October 1961 Lyme Regis Council met to discuss what to do about damage to their harbour allegedly caused by Princess Elizabeth that season.

9th October 1961 Bristol Queen

Last day of the season for Bristol Queen

Winter 1961

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Autumn 1961

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Summer 1961

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Swanage Queen’s 1961 Season

How did Swanage Queen get on at Bournemouth in 1961 and what was her legacy?