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A Week in the Life of Monarch 1960

What was Monarch doing during a week in August 1960?

15th September 1960 Princess Elizabeth

Princess Elizabeth’s last trip of the season from Torquay to Lyme Regis on 15th September 1960.

10th September 1960 PSPS Charter Consul

The first ever PSPS Charter.

A Week in the Life of Consul 1960

What was Consul up to during a week in August 1960?

10th August 1960 Monarch

Monarch rostered for the day on the Swanage service followed by an evening run to Totland Bay, Isle of Wight.

28th July 1960 Princess Elizabeth

Thursday 28th July 1960 Princess Elizabeth runs a day trip from Torquay to Plymouth.

18th June 1960 Monarch

Special sailing on Monarch from Bournemouth to Portsmouth.

9th June 1960 South Coast Snapshot

What were the eleven South Coast paddle steamers doing on Thursday 9th June 1960?

6th June 1960 Sussex Queen

Sussex Queen scheduled second day of her 1960 season on the Sussex Coast.

31st May 1960 Monarch

First day of the 1960 season for Monarch.

6th May 1960 Princess Elizabeth

Princess Elizabeth arrives at Torquay for the first time.

24th April 1960 Princess Elizabeth

On Sunday 24th April 1960 Princess Elizabeth was raising steam in preparation for running trials in Southampton Water.

12th April 1960 Glen Gower

Glen Gower arrives in the scrapyard at Boom near Antwerp in the River Scheldt.

27th March 1960 Princess Elizabeth

Princess Elizabeth being refitted at Southampton by her new owners Torbay Steamers Ltd.

8th February 1960 Humber Ferry Service

How often did the Humber paddle steamer ferry service run between Hull and new Holland in the winter of 1959/60?

17th January 1961 Monarch

Dorset Evening Echo reports that Monarch has been put up for sale.

1st January 1960 Consul

Paddle steamers and Weymouth Harbour floods.

7th September 1960 Monarch

Cosens’s Monarch made her last trips of the season on Thursday 8th September 1960.

24th August 1960 Princess Elizabeth

On Wednesday 24th August 1960 Princess Elizabeth’s trips from Torquay were cancelled.

15th July 1960 Consul

First trip of the season by Consul to Totland Bay, Isle of Wight.

2nd July 1960 Embassy

Embassy’s first day of the 1960 season.

Winter 1960

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Autumn 1960

Still a future for Portsmouth Paddlers | Clyde fleet busy | First PSPS outing

Summer 1960

The first edition of Paddle Wheels | Skipper swop for Cosens | White Funnel news | Torbay steamers overcome opposition