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Supporting the preservation and operation of paddle steamers Waverley and Kingswear Castle

Easter 2nd – 8th April 1958 Bristol Channel

P & A Campbell’s Easter paddle steamer sailings 1958.

Southwold Belle

Find out a little more about Southwold Belle and the “Belle” fleet.

28th August 1956 Monarch

Monarch rescues two almost naked men from a dinghy called Dumbo off the Old Harry Rocks in Poole Bay.

17th August 1958 Embassy

Embassy runs a trip from Bournemouth & Swanage to view the American nuclear submarine Nautilus at Portland.

15th August 1959 Consul

Consul runs trips to view the American nuclear powered submarine USS Skipjack.

10th August 1962 Caledonia

Caledonia replaces Waverley on the up river cruise from Largs to Glasgow.

Swanage Queen’s 1961 Season

How did Swanage Queen get on at Bournemouth in 1961 and what was her legacy?

4th August 1941 Lincoln Castle

First day in service of Lincoln Castle.

31st July 1963 Embassy

Day trip on Embassy from Bournemouth to Yarmouth Isle of Wight.

24th July 1964 Jeanie Deans

Jeanie Deans replaced Queen Mary II on the “Down the River” cruise from Glasgow.

11th July 1962 Whippingham

Whippingham returns to Portsmouth after her dry-docking at Southampton.

5th May 1953 Monarch

Monarch pictured in drydock at Southampton 5th May 1953.

4th July 1968 Ryde

Ryde ran a special cruise from Southsea to meet round the world yachtsman Alec Rose in 1968.

Plus ça Change?

Read this letter from P & A Campbell management to PW 1968.

More Paddle Steamers Please

If the Swiss can do it why can’t we?

13th June 2018 Herrsching

A trip on the Ammersee aboard Europe’s latest paddler Herrsching built as recently as 2002.

11th June 2018 Diessen

A trip on the paddler Diessen on the Ammersee near Munich.

13th July 1947 Princess Elizabeth

Most often associated with the Southampton to Cowes ferry and pottering about in the Solent, the Lizzie hit excursion peaks just after the Second World War.

Last Clyde Season of the ‘Jeanie Deans’

Fifty summers ago, in 1964, there were still four paddle steamers operating on the Clyde, the Jeanie Deans, Waverley, Caledonia and Talisman.