15th August 1924 St Elvies

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15th August 1924 St Elvies

On Friday 8th August 1924 St Elvies was scheduled to take the day trip leaving Prince’s Landing Stage Liverpool at 10.45am for Llandudno (1.05pm – 1.15pm), Beaumaris (2.10pm), Bangor (2.25pm) and Menai Bridge (2.35pm). She was due away from Menai Bridge at 3.40pm to retrace her route to Bangor (3.50pm), Beaumaris (4.10pm), and Llandudno (5.15pm) before sailing back to Liverpool where she was due in at 7.30pm.

Steamer Notice for Liverpool August 1924.

This roster was usually undertaken at that time by the enormous La Marguerite but Fridays were comparatively quiet days on the route and so that was usually her day off. At 240ft length overall St Elvies was considerably smaller than the 330ft long La Marguerite but she was still a big ship and larger and better appointed than many other excursion steamers around Britain at the time.

She was built in 1896 for the Liverpool and North Wales Steamship Company’s routes being much associated throughout her career with the trip from Liverpool and Llandudno round Anglesey as well as from Llandudno across to the Isle of Man. She was withdrawn and scrapped in Birkenhead in 1930. That’s like scrapping a paddle steamer today built in 1986.