16th September 1964 Cardiff Queen

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16th September 1964 Cardiff Queen

Cardiff Queen’s schedule on the Cardiff/Weston ferry service on Wednesday 16th September 1964 was interrupted by the wind which by the afternoon was gusting up to gale force 8

She was scheduled to make four round trips during the day with departures from Cardiff at 10.45am, 2.15pm, 4.20pm and 6.30pm, also picking up at Penarth ten minutes later, and returning from Weston at 11.50am, 3.20pm (no call at Penarth), 5.30pm (no call at Penarth) and 7.45pm sailing direct to Barry with train return to Penarth and Cardiff.

These were offered either as a “2 Hour Cruise in the Channel” for which the fare was 8/6 (£8.68 today) or to land for which the day return fare was 14/- (£14.30) with the period return, valid for any date in the season, coming in at 21/- (£21.45 today).

September 1964 Steamer Notice Weston.

September Steamer Notice Weston page 2.

Unfortunately the weather was not kind. Berthing at Weston around 3.15pm was difficult and with Cardiff Queen ranging violently alongside the pier passengers were embarked one at a time. She managed to get away without causing any damage but on her return to Cardiff at 4.15pm Captain Power decided to call it a day and cancelled the final two round tips to Weston.

Bristol Queen.

Meanwhile Bristol Queen was scheduled to run from Swansea (9.15am) and Mumbles (9.35am) for Ilfracombe (11.15am) and Lundy (1.05pm – 4.20pm) returning to Ilfracombe (6pm), Mumbles (7.40pm) and Swansea (8pm) but Captain George took the decision to cancel the trip in the morning and so Bristol Queen remained tied up in Swansea all day.