Web Site Changes/Additions – Members Photo Gallery

Supporting the preservation and operation of paddle steamers Waverley and Kingswear Castle

Web Site Changes/Additions – Members Photo Gallery

Today, I’ve added some things to the web site:

An icon “Where is Balmoral?” that when clicked on, opens a link to ‘live’ AIS showing Balmorals current/last known position. 

In the ‘Links’ section I’ve added a link to a Flickr page I’ve set up for the Bristol Channel Branch Members (faces) Gallery.  There are only two pictures in there so far – don’t be shy, email a photo of yourself  to bchannelmg @ gmail.com  together with your name, where you live (as vague as you like, town or county) and the name of the pier you most often use. (if you copy and paste the email address, remove the spaces either side of the @ symbol)

Not got a decent picture? or don’t know how to email one? don’t worry…… I’ll be prowling the decks of Balmoral, armed with a loaded camera ready to shoot victims subjects to add to the gallery – look out for me!

Peter Havard