Waverley’s First Move of 2009

Supporting the preservation and operation of paddle steamers Waverley and Kingswear Castle

Waverley’s First Move of 2009

Monday 18th May saw P.S. Waverley make her first move downriver from her winter berth in Glasgow – without turning a paddle wheel! In order to allow recommissioning work on the boilers to continue while other routine inspections are carried out in the drydock, Waverley was towed to Greenock where she entered Garvel Drydock late on Monday afternoon.

(Note: As Waverley’s engine and Paddle Wheels are directly connected through the crank shaft, the Paddle Wheels were “tethered” in order to stop rotation and avoid movement of the engine components – a few sore arms and shoulders among Saturday’s volunteers are testament to the “tethering” work done)

Two tugs, Bruiser and Battler of Clyde Marine Services were used in the move

Here Waverley makes her first movement of 2009

as she moves off her winter berth at Glasgow Science Centre

tug Bruiser on the bow rope with tug Battler astern

Now all organised and off they go down river
Approaching Erskine Bridge

Even under tow, Waverley looks a smart vessel
reflecting the work undertaken during the winter by crew,
and volunteers, on deck and superstructure,

Approaching the Erskine Bridge,
the tugs and Waverley make a fine sight
Just about to pass under Erskine Bridge

Hopefully she will move back up river under her own power early next week.

Charles McCrossan