Waverley’s 2020 Dry Docking

Supporting the preservation and operation of paddle steamers Waverley and Kingswear Castle

Waverley’s 2020 Dry Docking

Paddle Steamer Waverley was moved from her berth in Greenock’s James Watt Dock to Garvel dry dock on 2nd March for a 23 day docking. The length of the docking being due to the tug which was sharing the dock rather than the extent of work required on Waverley.

Waverley in dry dock in early March with some steel renewal work visible on the stern.

The original intention had been to dry dock Waverley in April, but owing to some emerging steel work replacement in the lower boiler room the dry docking was advanced to allow work to be completed before the new boilers were installed.

This image shows the staging around the rudder to check clearances, and the forward part of the dining saloon where some steel work was undertaken.

The aft hull is one of the survey items during the current winter refit period. Some associated steel renewals have been undertaken as part of this survey in addition to the boiler refit works. Internally the panelling below the windows in the dining saloon and bulkheads in the galley were removed for access. Unfortunately the panels were found to be beyond further use and will be replaced.

In addition to the steel renewals, hull painting and annual hull survey work an additional sea chest was fitted for the new 3rd diesel alternator.

The new sea chest in the lower starboard hull within the boiler room. This is required for the 3rd alternator which is being fitted to increase the electric power capacity as part of the boiler refit works.

The three new Caterpillar diesel alternators were placed on their new foundations in the boiler room during the dry docking period.

The newly installed port diesel alternator.

The fresh coat of anti-fouling is seen to advantage. The draft marks have still to be completed at this stage.

Looking forward under the starboard sponson after the anti-fouling had been completed. The new sea chest is just visible.

Waverley meets her element once again as the dock floods.

Waverley is slowly eased out of the Garvel dry dock.

Waverley is moved back to the James Watt Dock, assisted by Bruiser and Battler.

After leaving the Garvel dry dock Waverley returned to the James Watt Dock. The boiler refit was on track prior to the restrictions introduced due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but there will understandably be a reduced pace in the weeks ahead.