Waverley on YouTube – old and new

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Waverley on YouTube – old and new

There is now a large number of videos of Waverley on the internet video website YouTube. Some depict the ship in her pre-rebuild days and a few of these are digitised versions of old cine film from pre-camcorder days. At the other end of the scale are amazing quality material produced by the latest HD camcorders. A simple search using ‘Waverley’ in the YouTube search engine will produce a lot of viewing material. It is worth while checking the maximum available quality as the default reproduction will generally be quite low definition (360p). Selecting the HD formats (720p or 1080p) is definitely worthwhile, especially if you are viewing it on a large LCD or Plasma screen.

Links to a couple of examples of the material available are given below. First up is an example of an older film from the early 1990s (I think). It is at least part of a professional TV film from something called ‘Coast -TV’ and shows Waverley on the Largs to Rothesay section of a midweek sailing (probably a Tuesday sailing to Tarbert). The film quality is not particularly good as it has probably been digitised from a VCR magnetic tape but it has some good nostalgia value for those that knew the ship at that time. For instance, the film, which lasts for just over 7 minutes, has brief views of a couple of long term supporters; the late Mr Dunlop Walker of Largs (with whom I had many a technical discussion on boilers, believe it or not as Dunlop was a boiler surveyor by profession),, (at 3:10 to 3:14 on the film) and a young Mr Niall Rolland doing sterling work selling copies of that much sought after, and sadly missed, publication, the Waverley Times, whilst the vessel is alongside the old No 3 Berth at Rothesay pier (at 6:26 to 6:29).

The second example is one of the latest additions, a state-of-the-art 1080p HD film of Waverley on Southampton Water in September 2009 and is a good example of the high quality now available

Stuart Cameron