Waverley Leaves Dry Dock

Supporting the preservation and operation of paddle steamers Waverley and Kingswear Castle

Waverley Leaves Dry Dock

The following pictures were taken today (Monday 20th May) by Roy Tait showing Waverley being re-floated and then being guided out dry dock before she ran trails and compass adjustments.

She then returned to her berth at the Science Centre in Glasgow.

At 5.30am on Monday 20th May water starts to flood in to Garvel Dry Dock.
25 minutes later the keel blocks are covered.

Two hours later water was pumped back out of the dock because of a minor technical issue. This delayed her departure meaning that she missed the morning high tide.

Just after 5pm ‘Waverley’ was successfully refloated and, with the assistance of the tug ‘Beaver Bay’, gently eased out of the dock.

‘Beaver Bay’ hauls ‘Waverley’ clear of the dock.

With the tug ‘Battler’ taking up the rear, ‘Waverley’ is towed to Custom House Quay. In the background is the cruise ship ‘Celebrity Infinity’.

With her fresh paint job gleaming in the sunshine, ‘Waverley’ departs under her own steam for compass swinging. She returned to her berth at Glasgow Science Centre later in the evening.

Many thanks to Roy for recording the paddlers movements.

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