Waverley in the Western Isles 2010

Supporting the preservation and operation of paddle steamers Waverley and Kingswear Castle

Waverley in the Western Isles 2010

I saw Waverley off from Glasgow on the Friday morning and then joined her at Oban for the Sunday evening run up to Fort William and the sailing to Tiree on the Monday.  Two days of glorious weather, great passenger numbers, good company and great sailing.

Its always good to see an orderly queue wending its way towards the gangway
At 06:50 in the morning it looks even better
After all the winter work, drydock overhaul, trials and careful planning by all involved, 
the official start of the 2010 season at 07:00 on Friday 28th May was delayed…………
because the Sandwich man was late!!
Finally on the move at the start of her 2010 season.
Canting into Prince’s dock entrance
Off she goes down the Clyde – or so we thought!
 A good 250/300 metres into her stride and still she won’t let go of her winter berth!
The cant rope got stuck on the wooden rubbing piles on the face of the quay 
and can be seen stretching out behind Waverley. 
 Waverley finally detached from the rope and heading downriver
with the new Glasgow Transport Museum taking shape in the background.

This shot gives some impression of the potential future difficulties for Waverley,
when the Tall Ship Glenlee gets moved to her Transport Museum berth, 
where she will be lying in the river above, but to the left of,
where Waverley’s port paddle box is in this photo.
Waverley arriving into a very sunny Oban bay on Sunday evening 
with the small cruise ship Quest heading out of the bay, having just
vacated the North Pier berth (and holding up Waverley with her delayed departure)
 Arriving into North pier Oban

Seeing the crowds on board I was a bit worried about there being something left to eat for my tea 
However not only was there plenty of food, but the highlight of my weekend was getting 
one of the really excellent  “Sunday lunches” for my tea – good food and travel must go together!
Well done to Craig and his team! 

Monday morning dawned bright and sunny with the promise of a great day.
 Waverley arriving into Oban bay after her run down from Fort William
Heading across the bay to North pier
The repainted funnels looking resplendent in the sunshine alongside Tiree pier
Waverley going astern from Tiree pier on her short cruise
Heading out from Tiree
Paddles biting in as she starts to move ahead
Returning to Tiree after her short cruise
Waverley alongside at Tiree with the David MacBrayne house flag 
(kindly supplied by her supporters from Arran) shown off to good effect above the bridge.

For many, the first weekend on Waverley is just another (or a first) day trip away somewhere.

However, for a significant number of her passengers over the whole weekend it is a chance to meet up again
with good friends and acquaintances that you said cheerio to on the last sailing day, the previous October,
or maybe even haven’t seen since the last West Highland weekend.

There is plenty of time to chat, laugh, eat and drink in good company while catching up 
on the events of the past six months and reminiscing about days and years gone bye. 

However I did think it was a bit much when I was sitting having my breakfast 
in the B&B on the Monday morning and suddenly found myself surrounded by Arranites – 
or maybe it was the scary stories I was being told about vicious Teddy Bears that put me off my “full Scottish”!! 

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Charles McCrossan