Waverley – Heritage Rebuild Phase I + 20

Supporting the preservation and operation of paddle steamers Waverley and Kingswear Castle

Waverley – Heritage Rebuild Phase I + 20

On this day, exactly 20 years ago, Waverley arrived back in Glasgow having completed ‘Phase I’ of her Heritage Rebuild at the yard of George Prior Engineering, Great Yarmouth.

Waverley, at that a time a youthful 52 years old, underwent an extensive seven month rebuild to restore her 1947 ‘as built’ appearance whilst complying with modern-day safety requirements.

The first phase concentrated on the mid and aft sections of the vessel at a cost of £3m, the equivalent to £4.7m today. The refit included a pair of new boilers, the boilers that were replaced in early 2020 following the successful Boiler Refit Appeal.

The second ‘Completion Phase’ of the rebuild followed three years later and dealt primarily with the forward part of the ship.

A chronological archive of over 600 photographs covering both phases of Waverley’s Heritage Rebuild can be viewed at the links below. The archive is best viewed on devices with larger screens.

Most of the archive photographs appeared previously on Martin Longhurst’s ‘Paddle Steamer Waverley – The Unofficial Website’ here.