Waverley Enters Dry Dock

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Waverley Enters Dry Dock

Earlier this week Waverley Excursions reported that Waverley had left her winter berth in Glasgow shortly before 2pm on Wednesday 21st April 2021 under her own power to sail down river to Greenock for her annual dry docking.

A blast of steam whistle as Waverley departs her Glasgow berth.|WEL

Passing Dumbarton Rock.|WEL

Steaming down river under her own power for the first time this year.|WEL

A short video of Waverley’s triple expansion steam engine during her journey to dry dock. In normal service it will operate at around 45 rpm but can top 50 rpm if required.

Another blast on the whistle. Note the Red Ensign untypically flying from the main mast.|WEL

After turning at the Tail of the Bank she berthed at Greenock’s Custom House Quay. Given that news of Waverley’s first move of the year spread quickly, some people gathered to see the ship arrive.

Clyde Marine Services tugs Boxer (nearest) and Biter maneuver Waverley in to position.|Graeme Phanco

Waverley is precisely aligned by the tugs. MV Loch Seaforth is upper left.|WEL

At around 5pm she entered Dales Marine Services dry dock with two tugs maneuvering her in to position behind SD Moorfowl. Moorfowl normally operates out of the British Underwater Test and Evaluation Centre (BUTEC) at Kyle of Lochalsh.

Waverley on the blocks.|Dales Marine Services

Waverley shares dry dock with SD Moorfowl.|Dales Marine Services

During this dry docking the bow will be repaired, a cost covered by insurance. In addition, several paddles will be replaced, the hull will be painted, some steel will be replaced in the port paddle box and a full survey of the hull undertaken.

Waverley Excursions also reported that the COVID-19 Relief Appeal has now reached £330,000, just £20,000 short of target.

Dry docking Waverley is the single largest expense of the winter refit and it is being funded thanks to those who have continued to support the ship.

You can still donate to the appeal here.