Waverley Down South 1993

Supporting the preservation and operation of paddle steamers Waverley and Kingswear Castle

Waverley Down South 1993

These photographs were taken during Waverley’s South Coast and Thames seasons in 1993.┬áIn this era there was much emphasis on doing unusual things and calling at new piers.


Saturday 18th September 1993

Rendezvous with SS Shieldhall in the Solent

Waverley approaches the anchored Shieldhall.

Having made fast, passengers are exchanged, firstly from Shieldhall to Waverley and then…

…from Waverley to Shieldhall.

Gangways stowed again, Waverley eases away.

Paddles churning, Waverley continues her sail.

Note the steam from Shieldhall’s windlass as she weighs anchor.

St Cecilia heads for Fishbourne.


Sunday 26th September 1993

A Condor Moment at Weymouth


Wednesday 29th September 1993

First Call at Margate

The call took place during a Folkestone to Tower Pier sailing.

Picking up the first passengers from Margate.


Thursday 30th September 1993

First call at Walton-on-the-Naze Pier

Although approaching from the south, Waverley was undertaking an Ipswich to Tower Pier sail.

The pier owners had been persuaded to reinstate landing facilities.

Purser Jim MacFadzean and Chief Officer Kit Lee stand on the Pier.


Saturday 2nd October 1993

Rendezvous with Kingswear Castle at Whitstable

Moored at the (now closed to passengers) eastern berth at Whitstable.

Kingswear Castle approaches from River Swale.

KC had brought a good load from Strood.

Waverley passengers were able to take a short cruise on KC during time ashore.


Wednesday 5th October 1993

Arrival at Margate

Note the unforgiving stone wall as Waverley’s berths.

Ken Adams (Thames pier liaison volunteer) watches disembarkation.

Who’s that knitting?