Waverley – Clevedon to Minehead 19th June 2013

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Waverley – Clevedon to Minehead 19th June 2013

Geoff Hale, editor of clevedonnews (a local newsreel of events in and around Clevedon) has kindly sent in a link to video he shot of Waverleys sailing from Clevedon to Minehead.  http://youtu.be/Lv1C0mvSOfI

He picked probably the best day of Waverleys Bristol Channel season, to sail – the sun came out and so did the passengers, around 400 from Clevedon/Penarth to Minehead where a good crowd of about 150 boarded for the 1 hour cruise to Porlock Bay.

Thanks Geoff.

A few photos that I took on that sunny day appear below.

Peter Havard

Alongside at Minehead

Setting off for the cruise to Porlock Bay

Backing out at speed