Waverley Boiler Refit – Two Funnels!

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Waverley Boiler Refit – Two Funnels!

Following the refitting of the aft funnel two days ago (more here), today it was the turn of the forward funnel.

Great care was taken by the Dales Marine and WEL teams to ensure that both funnels sat precisely in their pre-refit positions and angles.

Work will continue next week with the re-installation of the vents either side of the forward funnel and on the remaining electrical and boiler work. An announcement on whether Waverley will return to service this summer is expected by the end of June.

Wth the aft funnel already in place the cranes prepare to lift the forward funnel.|Roy Tait

The forward funnel, containing the two boiler exhausts, is gently craned off the quayside.|WEL

Rotating upright.|WEL

Adjusting the block and tackle. Note the gleaming, rain-splattered whistle.|Roy Tait

Leveled, the funnel is craned aboard.|Roy Tait

Hmm, anyone fancy a single, double height funnel?|Roy Tait

The funnel is carefully positioned over the boiler exhausts on the fiddly deck.|WEL

Waverley, Loch Riddon and Hebridean Princess.|Roy Tait

A unique view of the boiler outlets from the boom lift.|WEL

Checking the distance between the funnels. In addition, a wooden template, made prior to removal, was used to check the precise position and angles of both funnels.|WEL

A classic angle restored.|Roy Tait

Waverley at the end of the days proceedings.|Via WEL

 |Via WEL