Waverley Boiler Refit – Progress Report – 12/03/2020

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Waverley Boiler Refit – Progress Report – 12/03/2020

Waverley’s boiler refit has continued to progress with the ship now in dry dock. It had been the original intention to dry dock Waverley in mid-April after the new boilers were fitted. However, the decision was taken to dry dock the ship sooner and complete some steel renewals before installing the new boilers. The annual hull survey works and painting will also be completed during this dry docking period.

Waverley at her berth in the James Watt Dock on 2nd March prior to moving to dry dock.

On Monday 2nd March Waverley was moved under tow from her berth in the James Watt Dock into Garvel dry dock.

Waverley is moved from her berth in the James Watt Dock. The CalMac ferry Loch Fyne can be seen ahead of Waverley.

Clyde Marine Services tugs Battler and Wrestler slowly moved Waverley astern and out through the dock entrance before moving her over to the gate to enter the dry dock.

Waverley after being towed through the entrance to the James Watt Dock has a strange appearance without her funnels.

Waverley is slowly moved across towards the dry dock gate entrance.

Waverley is eased into the dry dock using the windlass which was operating on compressed air.

Once Waverley’s bow was at the dry dock gate Wrestler was stood down and it was over to Waverley and her crew to move her up the dock. Owning to the fact the dry dock was to be shared by the Serco tug Resourceful, Waverley had to move well up the dock.

As she was eased up the dock her windlass could be heard making a rather different sound from what is usually heard as it was operating on compressed air rather than steam.

Waverley in dry dock sharing the dock with Resourceful.

Once in dry dock steel work renewals have progressed quickly. The additional sea chest has been installed for the new 3rd alternator (generator).

Work is also progressing in the Dining Saloon and Galley as part of the aft hull survey which is due in the current winter refit period.

This aerial picture shows that the boiler room is covered over while work progresses to prepare for the new boilers being installed.

Steel plates to form the new fiddley deck around the funnels. A small section of this deck has already been installed around the aft funnel base.

Waverley’s bow with preparation for painting clearly underway.

Electrical work is now well underway with the new main switch board being installed as well as the new synchronising unit in the engine room. A new switch board is also being installed for the emergency generator which is situated in the aft deck shelter.

The new synchronising unit which is being installed in the engine room for the three alternators. This is a modern unit but has the appearance of being in keeping with Waverley with brass plates.

After Waverley leaves dry dock work will move on to install the new boilers. The 2020 timetable will be published when further progress is made on this extensive refit.