Waverley & Balmoral 2012 Timetables

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Waverley & Balmoral 2012 Timetables

All timetables for both Waverley and Balmoral are now available online at the Waverley Excursions website www.waverleyexcursions.co.uk/timetables.htm. On close inspection the 2012 season is one of celebration: 200 years of Steam Navigation to honour the first public sailing of Paddle Steamer Comet, Waverley is 65 years old and P & O celebrate their 175th anniversary. The 2012 timetable for each ship has a different feel but offers much variety with some ports and piers being visited for the first time in a few seasons.

The overall outline and highlights of the 2012 season are as follows:


June 1 – June 11 Western Isles
Highlights include:
Ferry landings at Iona on Monday June 4 and Staffa on Saturday June 9
Cruise to view Eilean Donan Castle on Friday June 8

June 16 – August 26 Clyde
Highlights include:
Waverley’s 65th Birthday Cruise on Saturday June 16
Ireland in a Day on Sunday June 24
PSPS & CRSC Public Charter to Loch Riddon to land at Ormidale on Sunday July 8
Cunard’s Queen Elizabeth visiting the Clyde on Thursday August 2
Celebration of 200 years of Steam Navigation – Comet 2012 – Sunday August 5 & Friday August 10

August 29 – September 9 Bristol Channel
Highlights include:
Annual Church Service at Lundy on Sunday September 2

September 12 – September 27 South Coast

September 28 – October 14 Thames
Highlights include:
Opening of Gravesend Pier on Friday 28 September
Paddle Steamer Parade with Kingswear Castle on Sunday September 30

October 20 – October 21 Clyde
Final cruises of 2012 Season


June 14 – June 17 Irish Sea
Includes Garlieston & Whitehaven to IOM

June 18 North Wales
Round Anglesey

June 20 – July 1 Bristol Channel
Highlights include:
Grand Day Trip to Cornwall on Sunday July 1

July 3/4 South Coast
Highlights include:
P & O 175th Anniversary with 7 Liners at Southampton on Tuesday July 3

July 5 – July 19 Thames

July 22-August 12 South Coast & Sussex
Highlights include:
Weymouth Bayside Festival & Olympic Sailing July 29 – August 12

August 14 – August 28 Bristol Channel

August 30 Irish Sea
Whitehaven to IOM

August 31 – September 4 Western Isles
Highlights include:
Isle of Canna on Saturday September 1

September 7 – September 9 Northern Ireland
Highlights include:
Londonderry to Islay on Saturday September 8

September 10 – September 15 Irish Sea

September 16 North Wales
Round Anglesey

New in 2012 – Friends of Waverley

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