Waverley at Lundy Island

Supporting the preservation and operation of paddle steamers Waverley and Kingswear Castle

Waverley at Lundy Island

Some pictures from Waverley’s first visits in 2009 to Lundy Island. The photographers are Michael McKinnon (like Waverley from Scotland), who is working for the Landmark Trust on Lundy this summer, and long time PSPS member Ashley Gill. Click on the pictures for larger size images.

The first picture (above) of Waverley’s first arrival at Lundy was taken by Michael and, coincidently, it captures the second photographer, Ashley, in the red jacket on the ship’s upper deck, abaft the funnels, watching the ship’s approach. On the bridge is Waverley’s senior master Capt Andy O’Brian and Capt Luke Davies.

The views above and below, also captured by Michael, show Waverley alongside the east side of Lundy pier as her passengers enjoy time ashore to explore the island. The paddler is looking absolutely magnificant despite limited financial resources over the past winter – she is a great credit to her officers, crew, managers and the dedicated band of enthusiatic volunteers that look after her.

First picture by Ashley (below) shows the paddler berthed on the other side of Lundy pier on 7th June.

Below, Ashley’s second picture captures Ilfracombe’s Town Cryer at work onthe paddler’s promenade deck

In the following picture, by Ashley, Waverley has moved off to anchor – this was a familar sight until the pier at Lundy was constructed in recent years.

Finally a super view, captured by Ashley, showing Waverley underway off Lundy

The copyright of these photos remain with the photographers – many thanks to Michael and Ashley for sharing these superb views with us.

Stuart Cameron.