Ullswater Outing for Scottish Branch

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Ullswater Outing for Scottish Branch

On Saturday 11th June the Scottish Branches of the PSPS and the Coastal Cruising Association (CCA) arranged a coach trip from Glasgow to Pooley Bridge to sail on the Ullswater ‘Steamers’. The outing was very successful and enjoyed by members from both organisations despite the overcast conditions experienced for much of the day.

Ullswater is approximately 7.5 miles long, around 0.5 miles wide and sits at a height of 477 ft above sea level. The approximate time of the water cycle through the lake is around 300 days. Steamers first started to operate on the lake in 1859, the oldest member of the current fleet is Lake of the Lake built in 1877. She was a product of Seath’s yard in Rutherglen Glasgow, and her fleet mate Raven was also built in Rutherglen and entered service just 12 years later in 1889. Western Belle was purchased by Ullswater ‘Steamers’ in 2008 before undergoing a restoration programme and finally making her way up the M6 in 2010. She was built in 1935 and before being transferred to Ullswater had been operating on the upper River Thames.

On Saturday 11th June Lady of the Lake, Raven and Western Belle were operating the Glenridding to Pooley Bridge service offering a total of 8 return trips. The 4th vessel in service was Lady Dorothy which was operating the Glenridding to Aira Force service. Lady Dorothy arrived on Ullswater in March 2001 having come from St Peter Port.

PSPS and CCA members enjoyed the benefits of a freedom ticket allowing unlimited travel on all 3 vessels operating the full length of the lake. This allowed various combinations of trips on some or all of the vessels and throughout the day members were to be seen passing each other on the Lake and at the piers.

The following images help illustrate the day.


After a slightly damp start the light rain lifted. Lake of the Lake is pictured here at Pooley Bridge before departing at 11.45 with most of the PSPS/CCA party on board. Picture Paul Semple.

Lady of the Lake 2 Large

Lake of the Lake arriving at Howtown Pier. Picture Graeme Phanco.


Lady of the Lake Large

Lake of the Lake. Picture Graeme Phanco.

Raven 2 Large

Raven on passage between Pooley Bridge and Howtown. A few members can be spotted with cameras at the ready on the fore deck! Picture Graeme Phanco.

Western Belle Large

Western Belle. Picture Graeme Phanco.

The plaque on board western Belle. Picture Paul Semple.

The plaque on board western Belle noting her Launch date and Re-Launch date on Ullswater. Picture Paul Semple.

Lady Dorothy which operates the Glenridding to Aira Force service. Picture Graeme Phanco.

Lady Dorothy which operates the Glenridding to Aira Force service. Picture Graeme Phanco.