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Supporting the preservation and operation of paddle steamers Waverley and Kingswear Castle

31st July 1939 Bournemouth

A plethora of paddle steamers at Bournemouth.

15th March 1948 Brading and Southsea

Brading and Southsea in the fitting out basin at Denny’s Clyde shipyard.

14th September 1932 Southsea & Whippingham

Southsea and Whippingham scheduled to run long afternoon cruises from Portsmouth and Southsea.

11th September 1932 Southsea or Whippingham

What were these two paddle steamers scheduled to do on Sunday 11th September 1932?

Winter 1987

Boiler problems | Clyde’s bitter sweet summer | Paddle steamer week at Ramsgate | Balmoral keeps the flag flying | Nine years late | New owners for Ryde Queen | And 50 years ago…

Winter 1983

Kingswear Castle sails again | Waverley diary | Fun with models 30 years ago