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Supporting the preservation and operation of paddle steamers Waverley and Kingswear Castle

New Chairman Takes the Reins

The Council of Management appointed John Allen to be the Society’s National Chairman on 28 March.

Paul Semple – Meet the New Chairman

Paul Semple has been appointed as PSPS National Chairman.

Chairman’s Message; Waverley – Financial Performance 2012/13

In the spirit of openness we are all encouraging, Graham Shankland, accountant to WSN and WEL, has prepared a summary financial statement for this and the two previous years.

Chairman’s Blog No .14 – Winter is Upon Us! (In more ways than one)

On behalf of the Scottish Branch Commitee may I wish you all a Happy New Year! Lets hope that season 2011 is a good one. Well winter is once again upon us – what do you mean I hear you cry – its been here for weeks!! The deep freeze set in earlier than last…
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Chairman’s Blog No. 13 – PS Lincoln Castle Update.

As you may recall the PSPS were offered the former Humber Car / Passenger paddler Lincoln Castle earlier this year. For very real reasons the society council made the difficult decision not to take on the ageing vessel due to the level of work required to make her a viable entity for ongoing preservation whilst…
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The Year That Was….Chairman’s Blog No. 8

I know this is cheating a bit, but I had to put together the traditional Chairman’s Report for the Scottish Branch AGM and thought it might be an idea to include as a blog. It’s simply a good time of the year to have a wee summing up of the last year that we have…
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A Weekend in Bristol from a Scottish Perspective – Chairman’s Blog No. 4

PSPS National AGM 2007 In the Chairman’s Report of the autumn 2007 Edition of Paddle Wheels, our chairman included some very kind words about the age profile of the Scottish Branch Committee and also its ability to combine hard work with socialising. I thought it might be an idea to write a few words about…
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Chairman’s Blog No. 1

Whilst chatting with some of my colleagues on the committee we thought that a chairman’s blog, to use the modern parlance, might be a useful inclusion to our new Scottish Blog. But I’ve been wondering what to put into such an article. I suppose the obvious choice is a wee bit about what we have…
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