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Supporting the preservation and operation of paddle steamers Waverley and Kingswear Castle

30th October 1957 Bournemouth Queen

Bournemouth Echo expands on its announcement the previous day that Bournemouth Queen was to be withdrawn.

Sandown, Shanklin & Ventnor to Bournemouth

Excursions from the east coast piers of the Isle of Wight to Bournemouth.

August 1956 Bournemouth Queen

What was the Bournemouth Queen doing in August 1956?

31st July 1939 Bournemouth

A plethora of paddle steamers at Bournemouth.

21st July 1947 Bournemouth Queen

Bournemouth Queen’s first week at Bournemouth after the war.

17th June 1956 Bournemouth Queen

Dinghy sliced in half by Bournemouth Queen off Fawley.

18th April 1949 Bournemouth Queen

Bournemouth Queen at Bournemouth for a few Easter sailings.

18th December 1957 Bournemouth Queen

Bournemouth Queen towed away from Southampton for the scrapyard in Ghent.

23rd October 1947 Bournemouth Queen

Last day of the season for Bournemouth Queen.

29th August 1957 Bournemouth Queen

Bournemouth Queen’s last day in service.

Autumn 1977

Waverley returns after repairs | Kingswear Castle report | Secret sailing to Goole

Winter 1972

Scottish Branch news | London members cruise under sail | News around the coasts | Bristol Channel | Firth of Clyde | Tees

Autumn 1972

From the Chairman | From John Betjeman, Patron PSPS | Happy Birthday Waverley | Humber | Bristol Channel | Blackheath Rally | Paddling to Ormidale

Autumn 1971

Historic views from the Isle of Wight | Taming of the Loch Lomond monster for a day | A ship fit for a Queen | Waverley | MacBraynes TS King George V (1926) | Blackheath centenary