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Supporting the preservation and operation of paddle steamers Waverley and Kingswear Castle

25th July 1959 Humber Paddle Steamers

Paddle steamer day trip from Grimsby to Hull.

29th June 1959 Humber Paddle Steamers

Day trip from Hull to Grimsby.

14th June 1959 Humber Paddle Steamers

One hour cruise down the river on a Humber paddle steamer and view the docks.

16th March 1959 Consul

Consul up the slipway at Weymouth.

19th September 1959 River Dart Paddle Steamers

What were the River Dart paddle steamers Compton Castle, Kingswear Castle and Totnes Castle doing on this day?

13th September 1959 Captain Phillip Rawle

Capt Philip St Barbe Rawle’s last Sunday in command of Embassy.

15th August 1959 Consul

Consul runs trips to view the American nuclear powered submarine USS Skipjack.