Tag: 1957

Supporting the preservation and operation of paddle steamers Waverley and Kingswear Castle

30th October 1957 Bournemouth Queen

Bournemouth Echo expands on its announcement the previous day that Bournemouth Queen was to be withdrawn.

21st June 1957 Crested Eagle

Crested Eagle scheduled to run a day trip from Brighton to Shanklin.

31st March 1957 Cdr Johnston DSC RN (Rtd)

Cosens appoints Cdr Johnston as their new Bournemouth manager.

4th March 1957 Zostera Grass in Poole Harbour

Debate in the Bournemouth Echo about the possible advantages of reintroducing Zostera weed into Poole Harbour.

27th February 1957 Dextrous

Dextrous sets off from her builders on the Clyde for Portsmouth.

7th February 1957 Capt Shippick

Captain Shippick writes another letter to the Bournemouth Echo.

25th January 1957 Emperor of India

Emperor of India arrives in Belgium for breaking up.

18th December 1957 Bournemouth Queen

Bournemouth Queen towed away from Southampton for the scrapyard in Ghent.

6th December 1957 Shall we Convert to Oil?

By 6th December 1956 discussions were well in hand in Gourock about converting Jeanie Deans, Jupiter and Waverley from coal to oil firing.

29th August 1957 Bournemouth Queen

Bournemouth Queen’s last day in service.