Tag: 1941

Supporting the preservation and operation of paddle steamers Waverley and Kingswear Castle

2nd June 1940 Freshwater

Freshwater sails to Dunkirk.

3rd April 1941 Lorna Doone

The Admiralty announced that Lorna Doone made direct hits with her guns on two of the three German Dornier Bombers which had been attacking her.

21st February 1941 HMS Aristocrat

HMS Aristocrat ex Talisman is inspected.

15th January 1941 HMS Aristocrat

HMS Aristocrat ex Talisman on duty providing anti-aircraft cover on the Thames for convoys.

10th January 1941 Merstone

Portsmouth blitzed by heavy German bombing.

11th December 1941 Shanklin

Starboard sponson of Shanklin damaged alongside Ryde Pier.

20th September 1941 Portsdown

Portsdown sunk by a recently laid German mine on an early morning passage between Portsmouth and Ryde.

4th August 1941 Lincoln Castle

First day in service of Lincoln Castle.