Inclining Tests

Supporting the preservation and operation of paddle steamers Waverley and Kingswear Castle

The inclining team sample the water in the river for its density. Normal sea water is 1.025 tonnes per cubic metre, the River Yare read 1.021.
The gangway is lifted clear in preparation for the inclining test.
The aft draught marks are recorded accurately. The marks read 5 feet 4½ inches.
The forward draught marks checked at 5 feet 2½ inches.
Viewed from down river, Waverley is inclined over to starboard using all 8 tonnes of ballast sitting on the starboard promenade deck edge.
The weights used for the inclining experiment, Waverley is now on an even keel with four tonnes of ballast on each edge of the promenade deck.
The inclining team at the end of the tests. Pictured from left are Richard Pearce of Burness Corlett Partnership (Naval Architects), Captain Graeme Gellatly, Ken Williams – MCA Surveyor and Julian Mason of BCP. The outcome of the tests are eagerly awaited, the results of which will determine Waverley’s stability conditions in her rebuilt state.

All photographs by Gordon Reid.