Reconstructing Boiler Room, Bar & Dining Saloon

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The new integral starboard side diesel fuel tank in the boiler room looking aft, between the heavy fuel oil tank to the right and the ship’s side to the left of the photograph. The back of this tank also forms the bulkhead to the engine room.
Just visible through the smoke and glare of the welding is a view of the large heavy fuel oil tanks now taking shape against the engine room bulkhead as described in the previous photograph. The top of this tank will form the operating platform for the boiler room and will contain the new control cabinets for the Cochran Boilers.
This is the forward end of the lower bar (Lang’s) looking to port. Here a new sea water inlet box is being constructed to serve the Wormald sprinkler system and the existing emergency electric fire pump.
Also in the lower bar, a new double bottom is being constructed as required by the new legislation with which Waverley must comply by 2006. The steel tank top visible in the foreground will form the bar floor area.
This is the forward end of the dining saloon on the port side prior to apertures being cut in the hull plating for windows and port holes. The engineers are drilling holes through the frames and plates in preparation for riveting. The drilling machine is fixed in place by means of a magnetic base.

All photographs by Gordon Reid.