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North of the Border

Some photographs taken during the current feverish activity at the Waverley Terminal in Glasgow.

It may, or may not be a well known fact among members, that part of the Rebuild is in fact being carried out north of the border. Ken Henderson, Waverley’s Chief Engineer, returned from Great Yarmouth driving a flatbed truck a few weeks ago loaded with the ships steam driven pumps, ie. the two boiler feed pumps, air pump, sea water circulating pump steam engine and the general service pump. The work is being carried out with volunteer assistance to reduce overheads. Abercorn Engineering and JEM Engineering, two local businesses who have past associations with the vessel, are carrying out some of the heavier and precision elements of the work. They were also involved with Waverley Excursion’s refurbishment of SS Sir Walter Scott’s main engine during the winter of 1997/8. Stripdown work of all five pumps is now complete, with restoration/rebuild work proceeding.

Ken Henderson hard at work on the stripped down components of the Robey steam engine from the circulating pump. Please note the one off woolly hat with “CHIEF” (or is it CHEF) emblazoned on it!
Alastair Black busy with emery paper on the water end of the forward feed pump. We will send more photos and stories as work progresses, including the tale of how we flooded the offices one afternoon!
Aileen Kerr gives the bottom of the air pump and the water end of the after feed pump a final jetwash after extensive degreasing and needle gunning. The yellow gantry which can be seen has been kindly loaned to the Company by Ciba Colours of Paisley. This has been extensively used to move the pump components around the shed.
Derek Murray refurbishing one of the main structural pillars from one of the boiler feed pumps.
Shows more of the Robey steam engine parts. Of interest is the spare (yes spare!) crankshaft. This was stripped out of an identical Robey engine, that has been stored in the back of the shed since the Chief was still at primary school. It was formerly used to drive one of the ship’s dynamos prior to the Steambloc/Caterpillar installation in 1980/81.

Words north of the border by Ken Henderson. Photographs by Stuart Mears.

Meanwhile South of the Border

Refurbishment of the main engine.

Main engine L. P. cylinder cover laid out for inspection by MCA surveyor. Sitting on top is one of the piston rings and the spring set which maintains the piston ring seal in the cylinder.
Main engine L. P. slide valve cover, shot blasted, prime coated and awaiting survey.
Main engine L. P. piston with piston ring and junk ring sitting on top, again blasted, primed and ready for survey.
Main engine I. P. valve assembly shown in two halves, ready for survey.
I. P. piston rod metallic packing assembly set out for survey.
I. P. ahead and astern valve eccentric rods, cleaned, polished and set out for survey.
All three ahead/astern drag links cleaned polished and set out for survey.
Various ship’s valves and valve chests, both steam and water, fully refurbished, surveyed, pressure tested and set aside for fitting back into Waverley.

All south of the border photographs by Gordon Reid.