Around the Workshop & Dry Dock

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Bob Thompson, Engineering Foreman from George Prior Engineering pressure testing a valve chest after completion of refurbishment and preparation for survey by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency.
View of the main engine I.P. to L.P. copper cross-over pipe under pressure test. This is the steam exhaust pipe from the intermediate pressure cylinder and acts also as the steam supply to the low pressure cylinder.
New frames and shell steelwork on the starboard side of the main dining saloon looking forward. These plates have been tack welded to the vertical frames but will be fixed with traditional rivets to maintain the heritage appearance of the external hull. Apertures for the windows are still to be made.
View of steel removals in the dining saloon, starboard side looking aft. Frames yet to be replaced, note the shape of a few of them!
Original riveted construction of the platework between the port engine alley way and ladies toilet. Where possible the areas in good condition will be retained as in this view, frame 58 to 60.
External view of new platework on the starboard side of the dining saloon. Window apertures still to be cut.
Steel removed from ship’s side in forward lounge, ready for renewals.
New steel bulkhead under construction between engine room and boiler room. This bulkhead also forms part of the integral fueloil tanks.
View of new bulkhead from boiler room, upper bulkhead still to be replaced.

All photographs by Gordon Reid.