New Boilers & Empty Boiler Room

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New Cochran Thermax Boiler – Starboard unit, nearing completion in Cochran’s Newbie Works, Annan, Dumfries.
Both boilers now shown side by side. They will be installed in Waverley’s boiler room in a much tighter configuration, such that they will be almost touching at their vertical tangent. Note the missing sections of insulation to allow this (arrowed).
Both boilers viewed from port side. Trunking shown above the burner is for the air intake blown down from the fan above. This arrangement differs from the previous Babcock boiler where the fans were located beside the boiler at floor level.
View of boiler room looking aft, items remaining for removal are fuel tanks (tucked under port and starboard alleyways), fuel oil heating plant on port side aft and miscellaneous boiler controls.
View of boiler room looking forward, items remaining are oily water separator and tank (starboard side) and bilge and auxiliary steam/drain lines.

All photographs by Gordon Reid.