PSPS Council Changes

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PSPS Council Changes

PSPS National Secretary John Anderson stood down on 25 November 2017 after nearly 40 years in the role.

Paying tribute to his sterling service, Chairman Paul Semple presented John with South Bank vouchers on behalf of Council members.  This will enable John to pursue his love of the arts during his retirement.   John remains an ordinary trustee.

Angela Johnson was appointed National Secretary in his stead.  She will be assisted by Peter Morley as Company Secretary and Greg Beecroft as Minutes Secretary.   Angela Johnson is also Treasurer of the North of England & North Wales Branch.

There were some other important changes.  Gordon Wilson was appointed Vice-Chairman, filling the vacancy left by Paul’s elevation to the Chairmanship.   Paul is also Chairman of the Scottish Branch and Gordon is also Secretary of the Scottish Branch.

Andrew Munn was appointed as Wessex & Dart Branch representative, ending John Megoran’s dual role as the KC Trust representative, which he remains.

Peter Morley was co-opted as a trustee as well as being appointed as Company Secretary.

Iain Dewar, whose term as an elected member ended at the AGM the previous week, was co-opted as a trustee to assist with changes to the bank signing arrangements.

2018 Council meetings were set for March 10 (London), 23 June (Glasgow) and 24 November (London).

David Haddleton Jon Jolliffe John Anderson Myra Allen John Beveridge David Green Noel Kemp John Megoran Martin Longhurst (Treasurer) Paul Semple (Chairman) Gordon Wilson (Vice-Chairman) Angela Johnson (National Secretary)

Most of the PSPS Council after Saturday’s meeting:

Back row (left to right): David Haddleton, Jon Jolliffe, John Anderson, Myra Allen, John Beveridge, David Green, Noel Kemp and John Megoran.

Front row – the Executive Committee: Martin Longhurst (Treasurer), Paul Semple (Chairman), Gordon Wilson (Vice-chairman) and Angela Johnson (National Secretary).

Richard Clammer, Andrew Munn, Peter Morley and Iain Dewar apologised for their absence.

Greg Beecroft took the picture.